Glaucoma surgery is performed when medical treatment (eye drops) and laser are not enough to control eye pressure. High eye pressure is one of the most important risk factors in the development and progression of glaucoma. Lowering eye pressure to a desired level or range will help lower the risk of further damage to the optic nerve and therefore lower the risk of progressive loss of vision or blindness from glaucoma.

Glaucoma surgery lowers pressure by allowing fluid that is produced inside the eye (aqueous humor NOT tears) to escape the eye through a drainage channel that is created during surgery.

Glaucoma surgery will not make you see better and cannot reverse existing damage to the optic nerve. Glaucoma surgery only lowers eye pressure. Achieving successful control of eye pressure to a desired range however, will significantly lower the risk of further visual loss due to glaucoma and therefore help preserve vision.

At The Glaucoma Institute of Northern New Jersey, we will help you to understand all the surgical options available to treat your glaucoma.


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